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Diamond Supply Co. x RESN - Lester Diamond "Gucci" T-Shirt

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When Nike SB worked with Nick Tershay and Sam Smyyth of Diamond Supply Co. and Girl Skateboards respetively back in 2004 on their Team Manager series of Nike SB Dunk's, only one pair of the two made it to retail. The one that never made it to retail was deemed the "Gucci" Dunk while the colors actually came from Smyth's nickname, RESN, which stands for Red for Fire, Green for Weed, and Black for "RESN". While only a few pairs of the Nike x RESN "Gucci" Dunk sample's made it out of Nike, Nike SB will be releasing these as a part of their Holiday 2009 Collection. To commemorate the release, Diamond Supply Co. and RESN worked together to create this Lester Diamond "Gucci" t-shirt that will drop around the same time as the Nike SB Dunk in the US. via: CtotheJL

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