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Lady Gaga X Dazed Digital - Lady Gaga Exclusive Film

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First the lady pronounced her hatred for pants (and wearing them), then she announced that she possesses male genitals. The byzantine pop artist's loves, hates and actions are absolutely avant-garde and out of the world (not many girls are willing to set their boobs on fire). However, for every person that is puzzled, there is another person who admires the Lady Gaga's guts and style. No doubt, Lady Gaga is a fashion icon all in her own right and Dazed Digital decided to put her sartorial adorations in a new perspective through the lens of an exclusive short film. Directed by fashion filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson, and shot during Lady Gaga's London rehearsals, the film features some of the unapologetic pop sensation's favorite pioneering names in fashoin such as Pam Hogg, David Koma, Petra Storres and John Galliano. Not that we are surprised that Gaga has an affinity for Pam Hogg-- the two are match made in catsuit heaven. Check out the film and stills to well, see Lady Gaga from a new angle.

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