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SCICON - Aerotech Evolution

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Just because there is space, a zip and enough space for you to dismantle you bike and move them around from place to place in a bag doesn't mean it does justice to your ride. Here comes Aerotech Evolution from SCICON that will change your world. This industrial strength bike container will ensure that all components of your beloved bike can be transported across the city, to another state and even flown out to another country safely and soundly. Made in ABS and specialized compartments for different parts, the container doesn't just keep things organized but also shelters your gear from shock by absorbing all the trauma into itself. With foam tubing and Velcro straps, everything will stay intact in place. Sure the softer ABS shell might dent (but at absolutely no expense of your ride), the containers come with lifetime warranty that is valid all over the world. Now, taking your bike with you on your global treks is so much less of a hassel and you can spend your energy worrying about things.