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Arkitip - Arkitip Shop Opening | Today

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A rather rare joyous occasion for art buffs and fans of Los Angeles' Arkitip, the collective will be hosting another opening today at its North Western Avenue shop. Check out Arkitip's current inventory of print editions, magazines, art books, garments, collector's items, original fine art and Curated By Arkitip line alongside items previously unavailable through Arkitip's private archives. The shop will be open from 12pm to 6pm today with wine served from 4pm to closing. 10% discount is offered to Elist subscribers and there will also be special promotional giveaways at the opening. Drop by and show some support for the arts if you happen to be in town today!

Arkitip Shop Opening

Arkitip Shop
725 North Western Avenue, Suite 108 | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Event Date: October 25th (Today) | 12pm-6pm

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