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JGoods - Sneaker Customization Kit

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You can head to your nearest Michael's and battle housewives and little children over pots of paint and spot at the cash register. Or, you can save yourself the trouble of having to scramble goods together in an after-school frenzy and take some cues from the best in the industry with a wonderfully assembled kit for sneaker customization. JGoods, the sneaker customizer had worked with the likes of Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Memphis Bleek and Paul Wall, and other than supplying all with meticulously designed and hand-painted one-off kicks, JGoods are imparting their skills and letting fans DIY some great shoes from the comforts of their couches. With a special customization guide and tools such as JGood's own waterproof leather paint that lasted through 100,000 brutal dry flexes without losing color, cracking or chipping, anyone can turn their ideal dream shoe into reality. Sure JGoods has some fantastic customized sneakers that are more durable than most, but skills will still outlast those kicks and be handy for a lifetime.

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