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Monster - Miles Davis Tribute Jazz Headphones

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Miles Davis'Kind of Blue celebrated its 50th Anniversary with unsurmountable support from both within and outside the industry. Other than commemorative box set releases, items such as Supreme tees and Western Edition skate decks also hopped onto the shelves to celebrate the debut of one of jazz's quintessential albums. However, what collaborative product would be more appropriate than high-quality headphones that can connect one to Miles Davis on a closer but most basic level? For this, Monster created special edition Miles Davis Tribute Jazz In-Ear Headphones that are specially tuned with acoustic tones of jazz in mind. The limited edition headphones with 24k contacts are packaged in a special case designed after the Miles trumpet case. The 50th anniversary box set of Kind of Blue will also be gifted along with the headphones. Individually numbered and extremely limited, the headphones are now available for order via: Monster but might not stay this way for long.

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