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Cooper Bikes - Single Speed/Fixed Gear Bicycles

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While the bicycle craze seem to be catching every industry possible with their versions of single speed, fixed gear or even BMX bicycles, the newly released Cooper Bikes bicycle range from Mini Cooper might be a good thing as it would be a more economical and environmental way to get around the city. They have produced 4 bicycles with two distinct styles in T100 and T200 lines.

There are Sebring and Monza from T100 series that are more suited for urban riding with bull horn bars and riser bars as well as deeper wheel sets. On the other hand the T200 series consists of Championship 50 and Reims that takes a more classic silhouette with drop bars, threaded stems and flat rims. All of the bicycles come with leather Brooks saddles and flip flop hubs that can interchange between fixed gear and single speed as well as front and rear brakes.

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