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Louis Vuitton - Temporary Christmas Store

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Londoners must have been collectively well-behaved this year because it seems like Saint Nicholas is bringing them a wonderful, wonderful present all other cities would drool over-- a temporary Christmas store from Louis Vuitton. Set in London's fashion mecca-- Selfridges & Co.--the store with a spanning wall of 19-meters will be up and running starting next Monday, Nov 2, all the way to Jan 10 next year.

The store will be hosting a selection of Christmas gifts ranging from its famed leather goods to sunglasses and the recently released city guides for those seeking gracious and generous holiday gifts. Other than the regular items, Marc Jacobs is also paying extra attention to pets this year with a collection of dog accessories that can be customized with hot-stamping. As for the pup-owners, fret not, there are special edition tees available in various colors.

On another note, the Temporary Christmas Store is not your average retail space. The aforementioned 19-meter wall will be displaying 200 in a dazzling fashion and the window space will be playing Louis Vuitton's "Hollidazzle" animations to keep up with the holiday spirits. If you happen to be in town, do drop by for some luxury Louis Vuitton Christmas cheer so coveted everywhere else! via: Dazed Digital

Louis Vuitton - Temporary Christmas Store

400 Oxford St | Map
London, W1C, United Kingdom

Event Dates: November 2nd, 2009 (Monday) - January 10th (Sunday)

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