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Oakley - Oakley Sunglasses - Jawbone

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Other than riders and bikes, the next most prevalent item seen at this year's Tour de France was Oakley's Jawbone sunglasses. Spotted on Lance Armstrong at Tour de France and the only Oakley style he wears aside from the M Frame, the Jawbone has fast grown into a cult favorite among fixed gear and BMX riders.

As a part of Oakley's extensive customization program, these highly technical shades has been extremely well-received by traditional cyclists for solid reasons. The Jawbone is Oakley's first dual-lens eyewear with interchangeable lenses (choices ranging from vented to polarized and Transitions Vented). This enables wearers to adapt comfortably to any light condition--an extremely crucial function for outdoor activities. Also, these shades are built for maximum peripheral clarity. Frames wise, the Jawbone is crafted from O Matter which is lightweight and stress-resistant, and also feature a lens suspension system so the shades can sit on the wearer's nose bridge for an entire day without discomfort.

Aesthetically, the angled futuristic look bodes well with the meticulous technical aspects of the Jawbone and gives it a tough, to-win attitude. Check out the Jawbone line at Oakley, or, customize and lock down a unique pair for your sporting needs--if not a sports person, donning shades for the cool factor is a well-founded reason too!

On another note, as previously reported, the   LIVESTRONG X Oakley Jawbone is still available, so do click on over and take a look at it if you missed out the first time as well.

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