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Damien Hirst X Supreme - Autumn/Winter 2009 - "Diethylene Glycol" Decks

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Damien Hirst X Supreme - Autumn/Winter 2009 - "Diethylene Glycol" Decks - 0

Scientifically speaking, diethylene glycol is an organic compound of hydrocarbon with two alcohol groups attached to it, and its water solution is most commonly used as a coolant. However, speaking in terms of contemporary art, the organic compound is one of Damien Hirst's famous spot paintings featuring meticulously evenly-spaced multicolored dots colored based on the periodic table. Reminiscent Barnett Newman's color field paintings and Pollock's exploration of psychological landscape through color, Hirst's work proposes too a relationship between color and emotional response.

This season, Supreme and Damien Hirst came together to create a series of decks based on this exact painting, "Diethylene Glycol", fitting the dots on decks with versions filled up with dots of different sizes. Also in the collaboration is another series of decks featuring medical and scientific symbols, once again carrying through Hirst's fascination with the medical field. Putting his art on decks seem so-ever appropriate as those who skate can absolutely relate to the activity as a therapeutic experience as well, just like what Hirst intended to highlight with some of his work.

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