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Supreme - Book Vol. 5 - Leopard Towel + Mickey Stickers

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Supreme - Book Vol. 5 - Leopard Towel + Mickey Stickers - 0

While Terry Richardson's scandalously provocative shots of model Rosa Acosta might be the highlight for many who managed to get their hands on Supreme's Book Vol. 5 which features its Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, there are other aspects of the book that are highly covetable and happily surprising. Check the leopard towel with large "Supreme" logo printed across it (because everyone can use some sexy animal print linen in their bathrooms) and the special Mickey stickers (recall the Supreme X Disney collaboration). The book is already available for purchase both in store and online. So, grab yours, hang up the towel, deface some household items with Disney's favorite and do remember to go through Supreme's features on Wu-Tang's The RZA, Eric Koston, Diddy, Damien Hirst... and not just stop after perusing all of Acosta's barely-there-bikini shots.

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