Sonic Fabric - Sonic Fabric Neckties


Think your tie is cool? Sonic Fabric's neckties will probably put your old ties to shame because these Sonic Fabric ones sing (literally!). With 50% woven from used audio cassette tapes and 50% from colored thread, these ties actually play audio files when you run it over a tape head. Just in case you are dismissing the neckties for simply producing meaningless sounds when played, behold-- the audio is actually carefully created by the designer, mixing in tracks from his own CD, Between Stations, and looped in with recorded sounds from New York City. The ties come in both thin and wide versions for different crowds and come packaged in recycled Kraft cardboard with newsprint label. Check out the designer's You Tube video on how to rip apart your old walkman to hear what the ties have to say. Now here's truly merging music with fashion in the most literal way. Also, if you want to make your own audible apparel, Sonic Fabric does sell swatches and fabric by the yard.

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