Formpasch - PUYL Bike Pump/Light

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Riding a bicycle can be a dangerous activity especially when the sun goes down and the visibility is low. So to combat this problem, Formpasch have developed a two in one system that is a life saver for cyclists. Take the useful bicycle pump and portable light and combine it into one, a simple idea that is brilliant.

This is the world's first permanently illuminating bicycle light that does not need batteries. This combination provides an unlimited light source and of course the pump is a good item to carry around together. Let's get technical and find out how this all works. The idea is based on Faraday's law of induction instead of batteries, it uses electromagnetic induction. The electricity is generated by moving the compressor/magnet through the two copper coils that are located around the inner compression tube. The light's battery is charged while pumping. The generated energy is stores in a rechargeable battery and lets out a bright LED beam when necessary.