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The Beatles - Limited Edition Stereo USB | Release Information

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Since iTunes came into the music game, for those who were around before records were obsolete, there is a sense of nostalgia for flipping through CD racks in record stores and holding something tangible in hand. In the age of digital music, compromise which seemed previously inconceivable is now possible, and it comes with John, Paul, George and Ringo. Rather than putting out a CD, Apple and EMI have a solution to the nostalgia of music shopping and penchant for MP3 in a Stereo USB. Apple and EMI came together to put 14 stereo titles, 13 mini documentaries and all remastered CD visual elements into an apple shaped USB drive. The 16 GB USB will be digitally compatible with both Mac and PC and will also contain a specially designed Flash interface. The USB will be released on Dec 7 worldwide (Dec 8 in North America) and there will only be 30,000 copies available. With the insurmountable count of Beatles fans out there, fighting for one on the release day seem a tad risky, so pre-order yours on The Beatles today.