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Craig "KR" Costello x MINI x Vicious Gallery | Detailed Photos + Video

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New York-base artist Craig "KR" Costello, or simply known as KRINK, returned to Hamburg Germany's Vicious Gallery for a very special project this Halloween weekend, the very first "KRINK MINI". A couple bottles of KRINK special formulated paint, a brand new MINI COOPER S, generously provided by its parent company BMW, was covered in KR's signature drip paint pattern in no time. The installation also serves as a centerpiece to the new KR exhibition currently taking place at the gallery. You could see the entire sequence in this brief video, courtesy of erste liebe film. In the meantime, check out the KR exhibition in person if you are in the Hamburg area.

Vicious Gallery
Klein Freiheit 46 | Map
22767 Hamburg, Germany