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Etnies x Casa Del Camino Hotel - Casa Surf Suites Project

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While themed rooms may sound like a fantastically tacky Sin City sight, the suavely done Etnies ocean view room in Laguna Beach's Casa Del Camino Hotel debunks any doubts one might have about themed rooms. This ocean view room is a collaborative project between Etnies' Pierre Andre Senizergues and Don Brown, and the former worked eco-elements into the room. Sure the room is Etnies themed, but it doesn't stop at simply nailing some decks onto walls- items and decorations are carefully curated to reflect Etnies' roots in skateboarding. For instance, the headboard is not your average furnishing number, but a mammoth mosaic created out of shoe material scraps-- a conceptual reflection of Etnies' best known venture in footwear. On the wall, decks are nailed in not simply as decorative items, but they are a part of the skateboarding mini bar purveying, of course, skateboards so guests can take the decks out for some shredding. Moving on to the bathroom, even the sink is carefully thought out and is built to shape like the iconic Chicken's Pool skate spot in Orange County. For skating fiends visiting Laguna Beach, the Etnies room is absolutely worth checking out (or rather, checking in). Seriously, not all hotel rooms come equipped with motion sensitive LCD inset in the bathroom so one can be entertained and distracted by Kyle Leeper's fluid skateboarding while freshening up.