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Air Jordan 2010 | Available Now

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The 2010 Jordan XXV (25) has a few elements of Jordans from years past, but mainly looks forward in it's styling   and materials. Most noticeably, the midfoot material is similar to the perforated black upper of the Jordan XXIII (13), but this time it's smooth. There are also hints at the Jordan VII (7) on the triangular shapes above the heel and near the toe. the suede toe cap is reminiscent of the Jordan XVI (16), but the 25 seems to then take its own direction after those influences. The large circular logos on the midfoot and inside of the sneaker feature a jumpan and vertical 23 logo. There is a band of gray material where on the outside of the lacelocks that matches a unique sole that has a tonal design throughout. There will, of course, be much more information to come about this model as we approach the release date, but a super-limited size run is available now at osneaker if you want to be ahead of the game.