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Andre X Curated By Arkitip - Incase Capsule Collection

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We didn't get enough from the teaser images released by Incase from the label's fifth Curated By Arkitip installment created in hand with Andre (a.k.a Monsieur A), and after much anticipation, here is a closer look at the collection of 15" Macbook sleeve and iPhone 3GS slider case featuring Andre's rendition of Paris. Both the Macbook sleeve and iPhone case feature red, white and blue stripes in Parisian fashion, Andre's iconic stick figure in a circular logo, and a type rendition of "Paris" in a nostalgic font. For the Macbook sleeve, the design is reminiscent of a vintage trunk with a tan faux-leather construction upper. Check out the collection at Incase and also take a look at the video created by the label which brings us more insight into the artist's inspiration. Directed by Felipe Lima, the video features a passage from Le Paysan de Paris, by Louis Aragon-- one of Andre's favorite authors. The collection is released in conjunction with the opening of Apple store at Carrousel du Lourve and is available both in store and online.