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Creative Recreation - Fall/Winter 2009 Italian Collection - Turino Nero

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To wear slip-ons or go with laces is like an eternal shoe dilemma of opting for super casual or slightly less casual. For Creative Recreation, the balance between shoe strings and no shoe strings lies in hiding the laces that pulls your kicks together on your feet. The coveted label's higher end Italian Collection not only features premium material and has all shoes made out in Italy, the land of good leather shoes and footwear artisan, but it also encompasses a more mature and sophisticated style. Check the Turino Nero, a luxurious leather low-top with panels to hide those perhaps unsightly lace eyelets. With a classy yet modern silhouette that yuppies will love and can perhaps don to the office on casual Fridays, the Turino Nero conveys style and easy mannerisms for the young gentlemen of today. Not your average shoes but is set out to give any average guy some sartorial leverage, the Turino Nero is now available for order online at Forward.