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Mountain Research 2009 - "My Security Blanket"

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Japan's General Search is an influential brand with a meticulous and fetching approach to design and creation. Based on a general concept of research, the company manages to thread the fine line and maintain the delicate balance between reproduction and creating contemporary, relevant products. With a number of collections named after a certain type of research under its wide belt (or lab coat might be more appropriate here) such as Prisoner Research, News Boy Research...and so forth, the company is purveying Mountain Research this season, which is also in its fourth year of production.

The Mountain Research 2009 collection has an interesting mix of everyday items and apparel-- all of which are based on mountaineering needs and would come in handy if a camping trip out in the wild is in order. As items are all made with utmost care down to the tiniest detail, items are produced in very limited numbers and quickly sold out with each release. As per label tradition, the items are never repeated again and only sometimes, certain items will come back as spin-offs in the "Other Colors" collection.

This year, Mountain Research bases its creations on the theme of a security blanket. Think Linus from the Peanut gang with his trailing blanket that provides not only comfort, warmth, but most importantly, a sense of trusted security-- all of which are crucial for those spending nights in the wilderness of the mountains, subject to unpredictable forces of nature. The collection features a line of highly technical and utilitarian jackets such as the Fish Tail Parka with removable sheep wool lining and various fastenings to prevent wind chills and help shield from rain. Also, damp proof picnic blankets and handy totes with long straps are available as well. Check out the fun collection online at Mountain Research and some of the pieces are also available for purchase via: Garbstore.