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Takashi Murakami - "Kanye West Bear" | Pop Life Exhibit

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In Room 17 of the Pop Life: Art In A Material World exhibition currently held at London's Tate Modern, Takashi Murakami has set up shop with his exhibition titled Collaboration Addiction. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese popular culture especially that of anime and otaku lifestyle, the exhibition also aims to serve as a reflection of Murakami's commercial collaborative work. In the midst of paintings and sculptures with some collaborative work done with pop cultural icons such as Pharrell Williams, Mc G and Kirsten Dunst, spotted is a large bear sculpture iconic of Kanye West. While this is a different colored version, the silhouette of the bear is the same as his previous exhibition at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris. If you can't make it to check out the exhibitions in person before Jan 17, here's a picture of the bear to quell your curiosity. Via:: Kanye West Blog