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Juxtapoz - 15th Anniversary "The Big Payback" Art Auction + Show

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Time flies and Juxtapoz Magazine celebrates its 15th year in business by giving back to the community and raising awareness for people who have been displaced by the economic crisis. To that effect, Juxtapoz is hosting a 15th Anniversary Art Auction and Shoe, rallying together more than 140 artists such as Ed Templeton, Ron English, Tara McPherson, Tim Biskup and so forth. All pieces in the show are now available for bidding online at Charity Buzz and will be on display from 7pm to 11pm on Nov 11 at Factory Place Arts Complex in Los Angeles. All from The Big Payback Art Auction & Show will go towards purchasing five homes in Detroit and employing local contractors for renovations. Also, select artists will be helping to remodel these homes. Check out the art work and do visit the pieces in person if you get the chance!

The Big Payback Art Auction & Show

Event Date: November 14th (Saturday) | 7pm-11pm

Factory Place Arts Complex
1330 Factory Place, Bldg A | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90013