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Air Jordan 2010 | Detailed Look + Video

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We've seen images of what was thought to be the new Jordan 2010 model, but now that we have these detailed shots and this high-definition YouTube video to get a look at every gleaming centimeter of the shoe, we can easily tell that this sneaker is much more than what we thought it was initially. This final product turns out to be marvel, as it has some amazing aesthetic and technical/performance features. The most striking is the window on both the inside and outside of the sneaker, which is a large circle with a plastic-type of material with small perforations that allow you to see inside the sneaker. The leather on the midfoot also includes breathable, tiny perforations. The toe is a softer leather that adds strength and protection. The midsole is patterned with what looks like script writing throughout on the red portion.The inner lining is tight against the foot, as the goal was to get the sneaker as snug as possible. Check the youtube video to see the legendary Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith, the creative director of Jordan Brand break down all the ins and outs of the sneaker.