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Band of Outsiders X Barneys - Holiday 2009 - "No Bunk! No Junk!"

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Not many from this generation will remember Barneys at its very beginning. In 1923, Barney Pressman founded the now retail conglomerate that has fast become one of the pillars of luxury retail by pawning his wife's $500 engagement ring. Settling into a mere 500 sq-ft space, the store was streamlined with 40 name-brand suits, and rallies for simplicity with an assertive "No Bunk, No Junk, No Limitations" sign.

The buisness grew, and the label became known for bringing lesser-known designer brands from Europe and Japan back stateside in the eighties, and the store climbed up the luxury ladder, departing from when it was about designer brands at lower prices.

For this Holiday season, Band of Outsiders' Scott Sternberg brings those who do remember and are acquainted with the retailer back to the beginning with a Holiday 2009 collection, "No Bunk! No Junk!". Taking all back to the nostalgic days when gentlemen donned power suits, but putting a Band of Outsiders twist on it, the collection has that great Euro sensibility mixed into a very American touch.

Think a leather Harrington Jacket, fitted corduroy suits, a slim belted trench, white bib shirt with black piping that will top off greatly with Band of Outsiders' signature bow tie, bow tie and bow ties. The collection is all about new takes on basics by mixing fabrics with classic items-- meanwhile, as GQ's Damien Nunes so fittingly commented, the plaid shirt is just "a really great-fitting plaid shirt ([Sternberg] knows what doesn't need fixing)".

Also, check the special embroidered tags that is similar to vintage Barneys advertising graphics. The collection is now available at select Barneys, so check them out for something that has just the right dose of Euro sleek with the perfect pinch of American laidback sensibility and lasting relevance. via: GQ