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Jimmy Choo X H&M - Men's Collection | Released Today

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If you are sitting at home and reading this from the comforts of your couch instead of from your iPhone, battling the wild ladies at H&M, chances are you are missing out on first dips of the Jimmy Choo collaboration with H&M.

Jimmy Choo, one of the few gentlemen with an uncanny ability to evoke increased heartbeat, flutters and an insatiable lust for the tangible material from the ladies, is foraying into menswear, as reported earlier on in the year when his collaboration with H&M was announced. Just launched today, the collection for men includes Choo's famed accessories and footwear, meaning supple suede boots for men, tough biker boots with shiny buckles that makes the boots more chic than rowdy, studded carryalls, suede totes, epi leather messenger bags reminiscent of Louis Vuitton, basic apparel such as sweaters, white button downs, denim and blazers in more fitting cuts, and of course, belts, wallets, scarves, ties...

The designer had created a capsule collection for men that can be worked easily into their existing wardrobes without appearing ephemerally trendy.

While only the first 160 people in line get to shop the women's accessories collection, unless the gentlemen are checking something out for their ladies, there's no need to rush. However, only nine H&M stores across the nation that carry the collaboration line, so do check out the site before heading out to H&M today.