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LeBron James: No NBA Player Should Wear 23

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How much does LeBron James respect Michael Jordan? The Cleveland Cavaliers whiz who shot into the basketball scene with a sprinting rise to fame had recently gained more heat from the spotlight with more speculation on his career. With the option to go as a free agent this summer, many speculated for the MVP to sign on with the New York Knicks. However, on the other side of things, James recently made some other interesting declarations that will perhaps change the game for all as well.

In a recent ESPN report, the MVP voiced his concerns over the number "23", viewing it as a legacy of Michael Jordan. LeBron believes that "no NBA player should wear 23" and is starting a petition for all NBA players to sign. To support his own cause, LeBron will be switching his number from "23" to "6" next year.

While his intentions are well-founded, standard procedures may stand in the way of the switch. According to NBA rules, LeBron has until Mar. 5 to send in his request for a number change, provided he sign on with the Cavaliers again. Or, LeBron could sign on with a new team and will be free to pick any number he wishes.

As for the significance of "6", for those who followed the 2008 Olympics, LeBron wore "6", and it's also the number of his second favorite player, Julius Erving. Also, his first child was born on Oct. 6, and second child was born in June.

In terms of support, Jason Richardson of the Phoneix Suns who also sports "23" at the moment is supportive of LeBron's cause. Richardson tweeted on Friday, "Getting lots of tweets about changing my number 4 MJ. Im all 4 it he's the greatest player to ever play. NBA should of retired 23 yrs ago."

Perhaps this is the prelude for the first time in history of NBA to retire a number?   via: ESPN