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Stussy Feature: Basil Wolverton

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As one of the renowned artists in the golden age of comics, Basil Wolverton was known for his grotesque figures, wry sense of humor and his work at MAD Magazine. While Wolverton passed away in 1978, Stussy sat down with the artist's son, Monte Wolverton and offers readers more insight into Basil's life beyond what everyone knows on paper. For instance, did you know that Basil was also a one-man song, dance and humor act and wanted to be a performer more than an artist at one point?

Keeping in line with the Stussy Holiday 2009 collection which features some of Basil Wolverton's graphics the label licensed for some tees, the feature comes right on time for all to learn more about what goes on behind these caricatures. Get to Stussy and check out the full feature for more!