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Final Home - Nylon Jacket

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Whether you believe in Nostradamus' predictions of the apocalyptic 2012, Final Home believes it's better to be safe than sorry, and has turned the end-of-the-world-loom into some fashion forward concept. Based on utility and functions that will be crucial in case of disasters such as a nuclear fall-out, an epic tsunami or a modern ice age, Final Home's jackets come equipped with details such as multiple zipped enclosures that allow one to pack handy insulation such as newspapers into the jacket for added warmth.

While an impending apocalypse is questionable, there is no doubt we are entering winter on this side of the hemisphere and insulation is key to winter dressing. The olive fleece lined nylon jackets from Final Home feature zip detailing, packable hood and reflective patches that are bound to come in handy not just in the post apocalyptic world. While the short zip jacket is already sold out on Good Hood, the, the longer version is still available.