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The OUTLIER has a method approach to clothes making. The New York bred label's uncompromising attitude on quality, technicality and function reigns supreme with local production. Using the same meticulous attitude they have towards all items in their collection, the label tackles the creation of its new khaki pants in the identical way. As khakis are by far one of the staple items in every man's wardrobe, the label decided to create one of the best khakis there are that will take the man from breakfast to his bike and wherever he needs to go. After curating several technical cottons and test riding samples as they are made, the resulting piece is crafted from the 4 Season fabric that breathes, stretches, repels light rain and is even self-cleaning so grime, dirt and latte spill roll off the pants like morning dew off a fresh leaf. The khakis are created in a wonderful flat tan that compliments any skin tone, effectively ending the nightmare of trying to differentiate caramel tan to creamy tan. The pants are now available for order at OUTLIER.