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Tom Sachs: Stolen Bikes. An Ethical Discussion + Demonstration

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Those who have passed by Lever House in New York City would have seen a Sanrio zoo of large white cartoon sculptures including the Crying Hello Kitty, which is one of most well-known recent piece by sculptor, Tom Sachs. Other than a love for making elaborate recreations of modern icons with an engineering approach, the sculptor is also passionate about biking, and was involved with STAGES art exhibition this year (the sculptor contributed a rather humorous piece, Lance's Tequila Bike For Girls-- no prize for guessing what the bike transports).

Taking his involvement in the cycling community to the next level, the artist will be conducting a discussion panel and demonstration this Friday at WNW (a community space by Nike and LIVESTRONG) on the lower east side. Reacting against bike thefts that is already a rampant yet continually escalating issue in the city, the event will be a wonderful chance to get involved in not only raising awareness but also help seek a via:ble solution to help resolve these crimes. Do take time out from the weekend for a worthy cause (especially for bikers and those who have been victimized by the same crime) and check out the event!

Tom Sachs: Stolen Bikes. An Ethical Discussion & Demonstration
231 Eldrige Street | Map
New York, NY 10002

Event Date: November 20th (Friday) | 7PM