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Stolen Riches x Reebok - PUMP 20th Anniversary Edition

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Taking things off stateside and moving up further north, Toronto's Stolen Riches is repping for Canada in Reebok's global celebration of Reebok Pump's 20th year in the sneaker game. As the only retailer in Canada to collaborate on this worldwide sneaker fanfare, the team brought the Canadian practicality (for weather) to the table and created a pair of Pumps that will withstand harsh winters of Toronto.

Crafted from a grey pinstripe Teflon treated upper, these shoes will be appreciated when treading through slush as they repel water and snow. The folks from Stolen Riches also put in black soles to match the black accents on the upper and named the soles a befitting "Black Ice". Meanwhile, the tongue is crafted from black leather, keeping in line in terms of material with the special red leather lining that will keep the wearer's feet snug.   Join Stolen Riches in celebration of their first major sneaker collaboration, get some free food, drinks, and of course, fresh kicks, at their PUMP 20 "The Midnight Release" party that is going down tonight at the witching hour. via: Stolen Riches