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Kris Kuksi - "Beast Anthology" Exhibition | Joshua Liner Gallery

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Kris Kuksi - Imminent Utopia

The world of Kris Kuksi, according to the artist himself is a reflection on "timelessness", however, not just solely on the motionlessness figures, but something more intrinsic, more primal, or as the Kuksi puts it "forced into the stillness of death and eternal sleep".   These premises led him to the best possible medium to express these possibilities, 3-D sculptures.   A mishmashes of popular culture, from vinyl toy figures, model kits, to furniture parts and mechanical hardware, Kuksi created body of arts which micmic Baroque and Rococo stylings.   Yet, it retains a macabre sense of grandeur and frailness of life.

To see some of Kris Kuksi's elaborate 3-D sculptural installations, Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea, New York, will be exhibiting "Beast Anthology" this month.   A total of 12 works will be on display, each will focus on the theme of morality and conflict that arise from within. Kris Kuksi's "Beast Anthology" will start off tomorrow, November 21st, and ends on Saturday, December 19th.   A definite must see if you are in the New York metro area.

Joshua Liner Gallery
548 West 28th Street | Map
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
TEL: 212-244-7415

Exhibition Date: November 21st (Saturday) - December 19th (Saturday)


Kris Kuksi - The Guardian


Kris Kuksi - Temptation of Saint Anthony


Kris Kuksi - The Beast of Babylon


Kris Kuksi - Antics and Mechanical Frolic


Kris Kuksi - Sub Sonic Dissidence Propulsion Device


Kris Kuksi - Ode to Decadence


Kris Kuksi - Venus Admiring Mar's Gun


Kris Kuksi - The Viictory of Tiberinus


Kris Kuksi - Fantasma


Kris Kuksi - Caravan Assault Apparatus


Kris Kuksi - Intercontinental Ballistic Defiance Machine