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Complex - Best of 2000s - Top 100 Brands

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Who got it right and who didn't? Who sailed and who sunk in the recession? While Complex didn't exactly launch into the finances of these brands that had infiltrated our lives in every possible way, it sure did the former and ranked 100 brands according to who nailed it and who missed. Going on their count down in the Best of 2000s as we are headed towards the end of this decade, and era as some might say, Complex takes a look at the brands and put them on a comprehensive scale against one another. Check the bitten Apple who gave us our technological heroin in the form of the revolutionary iPhone in number 2, and apparel label G-Star Raw in number 99. Number 1 is such an easy guess that we don't really need you to check the list to figure out. But, just in case you do not have a clue, need confirmation or simply want to know what else made the list, peruse the list and let us know if you concur here.