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PUMA - Fall/Winter 2009 - Rudolph Dassler Schufabrik Collection

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Slightly over sixty years ago, Rudolph Dassler founded PUMA in 1948, and registered the first PUMA logo depicting a puma leaping through a slim "D" (for Dassler). More than half a century later in 2007, PUMA brought revived the early PUMA days with a 360 degree Rudolph Dassler branded collection.

This season, the Rudolph Dassler collection builds upon the concept of modern architecture and develops its footwear around the design of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Utopian "Honeycomb"-- streamlining and stripping off all frivolity to convey a modern sensibility. PUMA cross-reference designs from Berlin in the 1920s and explores "The Vintage That Never Was", reflecting on the juxtaposition of man-made versus the natural.

While the collection's inspiration for silhouettes spread across a wide range from hiking boots for the Metropolis Boot Hike to 70s glam rock in the Wellengang Mid crafted from colorful patent and a series of low-tops made from a range of premium materials such as suede and distressed leather, all kicks retain the sleek and modern sensibility and adhere to this season's design direction.

Highly metropolitan and chich, the Rudolph Dassler footwear is now available online for purchase at PUMA alongside apparel fr0m the same collection.