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Reebok Pump 20 Release @ Packer Shoes | Interview with Dominique Wilkins

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Freshness Magazine was on hand for a monumental event for North Jersey's Packer Shoes release of their version of the Reebok Pump 20. Packer may have had the most exciting release of all the Pump 20 stores because of the presence of the man who was the inspiration for their design of their sneaker--Dominique Wilkins. After 'Nique signed sneakers and posters, he said his goodbyes to fans who came out for the event and then sat down for a brief interview with Freshness Magazine. Here is the transcript from the interview:

Freshness: Well, Dominique, this is long overdue. What is your response to your first signature shoe that Packer Shoes designed for you?

DW: Well, it's an excellent shoe, I'm very very impressed with the job they did. I'm trying to get one for myself!

Freshness: Well, I hope you get a few!

DW: No, no, I'm just teasing. I'm absolutely pleased with them.

Freshness: During your playing years, what was your favorite shoe?

DW: Reeboks, the Pump. You know, I was one of the first guys to wear the Pump. So to see where it's at now, it's really nice to see how far it's come.

Freshness: What are some of your favorite parts of the job as the VP of Basketball for the Hawks?

DW: The developing of young players to be able to see the game from a different aspect. I'm now looking at it from an executive's point of view with the players. You get to deal with players, but you're also dealing with their livelihoods.

Freshness:Well, you're also doing broadcasting work with the Hawks, so which side of your life are you enjoying more: the behind-the-scenes work of the Basketball Operations or in front of the cameras and behind the microphones?

DW: Well, I've never been a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. So I definitely like the lights.

Freshness: Ok, thanks for your time, and we wish you continued success.

DW: Thanks. Same to you.