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Vestax - Spin + DJ 3.0 Bundle | Available Now

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Turn your Mac into a full-blow DJ system by adding Vestax Spin to your computer and tapping into your iTunes Library. The Vestax Spin & DJ 3.0 Bundle is a set of hardware and software package which enables one to enjoy the full DJ experience on your computer. The Spin is a set of turntables and mixer that allows one to scratch, blend, mix and bend your tunes a la a professional DJ. Other than the standard turntable and mixer, Spin also comes with a touch sensor jog wheel which gives the user a high resolution analog feel when scratching and mixing; a multi-audio channel system for high quality monitoring. Of course, with the system, the user can save his or her creation easily onto the computer and incorporate it into a podcast, slide show or movie with the click of a button. For those looking to get into DJing, this would be an interesting alternative to consider aside from the traditional DJ set up.