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MoMA - Tim Burton Exhibtion | Behind The Scenes Video

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After Freshness gave you the inside scoop to Hollywood's (and pretty much, the world) favorite quirky director/creator extraordinaire, Tim Burton's, exhibition at MoMA, here is the behind the scenes video from MoMA which takes the viewer into Tim Burton's world via: the man's own words. Burton discusses his fantastical side, his journey through art and the creative process. For those who had been attempting to grasp and connect with Burton's work, your suspicions and guesses are possibly right. Burton does explore the experiences of childhood and young adult hood, alongside the isolation and state of loneliness that accompanies those rites of passage. And in Burton's own words, the man does have a fear for normalcy. Take a look at the video and understand what goes on behind the art and movies presented to the public to truly appreciate the man's work in its intrinsic values. Also, for those who have yet to visit the MoMA exhibition, it will be up and running until Apr. 26 next year, so do take some time and plan a trip out to one of the world's best regarded contemporary art museums.

The Museum of Modern Art | MoMA
11 West 53rd Street | Map
New York, NY 10019
TEL #: 212-708-9400

Exhibition Date: November 22nd (Sunday) - April 26th, 2010