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Gourmet - Black Friday Sale

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There is nothing better than uncovering the holy grail of Black Friday sales. The annual hunt will end in happiness for the fans of Gourmet as the fine footwear purveyor will be offering their Holiday 2009 goodies on a sale pedestal, slashing 25% off prices for one day out of 365 days of the year. Be it the full grain leather upper Quattro sitting on a delectable memory foam sole you have been waiting to cop for your slim selvedege denim or the hunting boots inspired Quadici, you will only be paying three-quarters of the original price as long as you enter "HOLIDAY50" at checkout. With a couple of taps on the keyboard and a few clicks, your kicks seeking adventure this Thanksgiving will be absolutely taken care of. Now, you can spend the rest of your time crafting the ultimate left-over turkey sandwich. Don't say that Gourmet doesn't take care of its customers.