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Volcom - Volcom Give Back Series - Give Jeans A Chance

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Unsure of what to do with the ill-fitted denim (For starters, those super distressed numbers you proudly donned last season and have relegated to the back of the closet)? Volcom is offering a wonderful solution, Give Jeans A Chance, to find your denim new home for those who need them. This winter, bring your used and unwanted denim in wearable condition to any participating Volcom store and donate them to The National Coalition For The Homeless. As for perks of taking the time to pick out and drop off the jeans, those who donate are automatically entered into a competition and stand a chance to win an entire year's supply of Volcom denim. Check out the digital short film that has been created by Volcom for this occasion and start ransacking your closet for your blues to fulfill their denim destiny to their fullest.