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Wallpaper - Wallspace | Now Open

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The designated purveyor of design, fashion, art and architecture news, Wallpaper, has now officially ventured into retail with Wallspace. The new retail spot housed in the New Design Supermarket area of Milan's La Rinascente is literally Wallpaper in a tangible retail form. The spot is created by the Chief Executive Officer of La Rinascente, Vittorio Radice, who also has U.K.'s Selfridges and Marks & Spencer on his resume. Everything Wallpaper readers loved about the magazine's wonderfully curated design items will be translated into Wallspace. Looking for electronics from Japanese label, Plus Minus Zero? No problem. Thinking of adding Alexa Lixfeld's porcelain bowls into your china cabinet? Just head over to Wallspace. While fans of Wallpaper can only visit the retail spot in London thus far, Gord Ray, Publishing Director of Wallpaper, does mention possible concept store launching in another city next year. via: WWD