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Brooklyn Brew Shop - Brooklyn Brew Shop Kits

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Make your own beer at home? Don't worry, this is more artistic than redneck in terms of home-brewing venture. Brooklyn Brew Shop offers ale lovers a chance to get behind the scenes and trying making their own brews at home. As long as you have 1 square-foot of space, the shop will have you set up with a complete glass kit with clamps and tubing and thermometer and grains for your home-made beer. For the more adventurous, there is also a larger kit available which makes up to 5 gallons (approximately 50 bottles) of beer in flavor you love. As for choices of ale or stout or IPA, the shop purveys every imaginable mix ranging from a very festive gingerbread ale and eggnog stout to classic apple crisip ale. Why put your crafts and culinary time towards baking a pie when a more scientific (distillation, fermentation...) adventure awaits?