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FRESHJIVE - "Hope Is Fading Fast" Tee | Black Friday Pre-release

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FRESHJIVE has been taking a rather opinionated stance about world affairs through both its "THE WORLD'S GOT PROBLEMS" blog and matching their rallies for cause to their products. Just posted three days ago on the label's blog is a piece tracking the Obama administration and pointing out some controversial issues such as protecting torturers from accountability. Drawing from some problems the label identified with the current administration, FRESHJIVE has created a tee commenting on the current state of affairs. Taking a play on Shepard Fairey's HOPE image for the Obama campaign, the new tee is dubbed "Hope Is Fading Fast" and features a dripping, fading HOPE image. To further push the label's agenda and highlight its concern for the political situation, this is the first tee released without the FRESHJIVE brand name. The "Blank Label" tee is now available for order online at the RESERVE STORE.