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Stussy Seattle - Black Friday Grand Opening

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Just a month before the year-long celebration of its "Big 30" in 2010, the California-base urban lifestyle icon, Stussy, is set to open its newest retail outlet in North America, Stussy Seattle, this weekend. With this store, it will the 4th free standing boutique in North America during the last 2 years, despite the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. All the proof that Stussy's brand strength is as resilient as it was 30 years ago.

The new store is a partnership with a key member of the Seattle urban scene, Goods, and will be right next door to the Goods flagship store on Pike Street at the heart of Seattle Downtown neighborhood. Stussy Seattle is also a culmination of a long standing friendship between the both brands/retailers that dated back to the special Stussy products created in celebration of Goods' anniversary. As Scott Downing, one of Goods' owners stated, "Stussy is anchored in youth culture so its going to be a great fit right next to the Goods store. It also wanted to make our area, Capitol Hill, an alternate shopping destination to the popular downtown area." Scott Terpstra, Stussy's COO, expressed the same sentiment, "The partnership with Scott, the timing and location were right,"   So to kick off with a "bang", the new Stussy Seattle will mark its grand opening this Black Friday, November 27th, at 11 am to coincide with the biggest shopping day of the year.

Stussy Seattle
1108 Pike Street | Map
Seattle WA 98101
TEL #: 206-324-2003

Opening Date: November 27th (Black Friday!) | 11 am