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adidas Originals x 55DSL - Experience Enhancer Device T-Shirt Collection

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For those who thought the adidas Originals and 55DSL collaboration was going to take a break and stop for a while after the XV/55 Nizza kicks which were created to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of 55DSL, they thought wrong. Following on the heel and heat of the previous collaboration, both labels have come together again to create a series of exceptionally eye-catching pack of tees named "Experience Enhancer Device". Drawing inspiration from graffiti, 55DSL's penchant for pop art and urban attitude, this mini collection of 5 tees feature whimsical graphics with a slightly twisted yet intelligent sense of humor. How could experiences be enhanced? If you telephone's ear piece is an actual mouth relating stores (tongue and drool attached) and your eyes are literally popping out of their sockets and swinging on retinal muscles like a yo-yo, perhaps those would be good places to start answering the question. And well, in the label's own words, these tees will "make you flip your skull, you'll go bananas!"