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Freemans Sporting Club - Selvage Denim and Canvas

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There is hardly anything that is more perfect as the embodiment of masculine romanticism a la Hemingway in New York City than the concept of Freemans Sporting Club. The little corner on Manhattan's Lower East Side is a little triad of masculine haven-- a secluded restaurant for Scotch with some of your closest friends, a cut or shave in a traditional setting with interesting memorabilia to look at, and some of the city's finest tailoring.

The label's famed suits for the sartorially-minded gentlemen are handmade in Brooklyn with dead stock fabric from the Fifties and Sixties, using the delicate help of Union craftsmen who had been in the field for over 80 years, then tailored to fit with the help of an in-house tailor. This time around, spotted at Freemans Sporting Club is not just a gorgeous suit in dead stock wool, but two pairs of pants that are expertly fitted, crafted to last and designed to stay eternally relevant. The label's first venture into selvage from America's finest Cone Mills in North Carolina results in slim but not hipster-skinny jeans in two colorways. Both made in a factory in Georgia that has been working with denim for decades, one is a raw, dark 13-oz indigo denim and the other, the Neverfade -   a rare, fiber-dyed canvas selvage. The latter is dyed before woven into a yarn, thus all the more resistant to fading.

And to end on a wonderful note, these pants are free of adornment and let their fine tailoring and fabric speak for themselves. On these pants, do not expect to find rivets, embroidered pockets, leather patches on waistbands or logos. Just let slip into it, let the quality be the only spokesperson for the pants and enjoy. Perhaps with some beautifully-aged Scotch to celebrate the start of an equally beautiful sartorial relationship? via: GQ

Freemans Sporting Club
8 Rivington Street | Map
New York, NY 10002
TEL #: 212-673-3209