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Schott x Barneys – Limited Edition One Star Collection | Available Now

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It can be safe to say, without Schott, Rock N’ Roll style would not be the same. The label’s iconic Perfecto leather motorcycle jacket (named after Irving Schott’s favorite cut of cigar) had its more than fair share of celebrity appearances through its many many years of existence. Dee Dee Ramone rocked out with it at CBGB, Marlon Brando went wild with it on The Wild One and Bruce Springsteen would not have been Born To Run the same way without it. However since freshly bought Schott jackets are so stylistically and literally tough that in Jason Schott’s words, they “literally stand on their own”, to achieve the worn-in, gorgeous supple softness either takes a good dose of patience in wearing or hunting for one.

To resolve this sartorial dilemma for leather, Schott and Barneys have collaborated to create the perfect limited edition number based on the iconic Perfecto. While the new One Star retains the snugness of the Perfecto, it streamlines some qualities and make the jacket relevant for the modern man. Think removing padded shoulders and built-in slacks in the elbows, since most guys today don’t really spend a large chunk of their time on the bike. The One Star version comes in two colorways, original black horse hide and a rare brown cow hide. As Schotts are known for their undying dedication to authenticity, the brown version wasn’t made until Schott chanced upon an old brown Perfecto jacket on the streets in Ohio, which he promptly traded for with a new jacket and reproduced everything down to the very last detail. The jackets are now available for purchase at BARNEYS and will possibly be the best jacket ever bought for at least the next thirty years. Springsteen can testify. via: GQ


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