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The Hundreds - Black Friday Sale | Event Recap

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While most business analysts and economic forecasters will tell you just how dismal the current retail market is.   Bobby Hundreds and The Hundreds crew just proved otherwise with the retailers' Black Friday Early Bird Sale yesterday morning.   With help from LA's Gomez Warren IV, hundreds (quite literally) wrapped around street corners along Los Angeles Fairfax Avenue in orderly fashion for the opportunity to enjoy the special discounted prices.   Though the sale officially started at 4 am in the morning, some have waited in line since 10 am Thursday morning and missed out Thanksgiving Day dinner completely.   In fact, so devoted are some of The Hundreds' fans, one even broke (or re-broke) his pinky finger just receive a free cap. (video proof below)

If you missed out on the sale completely, there is still opportunity to enjoy 50% Off saving through The Hundreds Black Friday Online Sale. However, the Sale Event will only last for the next 24 hours.