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Nike - Air Max 90 - "Staple Pigeon I.D."

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Staple's Pigoen logo has a long history that began with a Nike Dunk. During that Dunk's release, a melee ensued that made the cover of the New York Post, an event which catapulted sneaker culture--and Staple--into the spotlight. Since that time, New Balance has collaborated with Staple Design on an M575 design that has seen two colorways. And more recently, an unofficial design made news on the web, as a sneaker customizer fused the grays and salmon color together on a beautiful version of an Air Max 90. Now, with the help of Nike I.D., another custom design has hit the web. Seen here, this model has a brighter red in place of the salmon color, but it's a nice homage nonetheless. via: Staple blog