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atmos x New Balance - M576


Japanese sneaker boutique atmos used the New Balance M576 for the previous Face Off 2 Turbo collaboration and once again they have teamed up for another M576 project.

Black is the dominant color this time with the suede upper and heel sections matched while the neon pink color is used as accents on the rear portion of the sneaker. The suede used is much rougher with longer hair like texture and the toe box and ankle sections have quilting stitching for extra detailing. On the surrounding panels of the green shoe lace holes are charcoal grey material that looks plain in normal sight but once light shines onto it, it radiates rainbow color glitter adding an interesting effect. Last but not least the N logo on the side of the sneaker is constructed of glow in the dark material that glows at night but looks plain white in the day time. These are scheduled to be released middle of December at atmos in Japan.