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Eriberto Oriol x Altamont Apparel

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Eriberto Oriol have seen and learned the harsh realities of Latino street life through his discerning eyes and instilled in his son, Estevan Oriol, the same sense of life he had witnessed. Following in his father's footsteps in photography and directing, Estevan Oriol (also affiliated with Soul Assassins and partners with Mister Cartoon on The Joker Brand),  has established himself firmly as a renowned photographer and director in his own right. However, it was Eriberto's photographs with their raw sensibility of honesty rendered through a strong composition and perspective that planted the seed of awareness in both Estevan and the world.

This season, Eriberto Oriol had collaborated with Altamont to create a capsule collection of tees featuring four iconic images from his catalog that reflected his cultural roots and background without pulling any punches. Straightforward and slightly abrasive but every bit dripping with honesty, the photographic images are reapplied on tees with new symbolic captions to create wearable statements. For Eriberto's venture into apparel, he had also engaged Mister Cartoon to design his signature logo that are also printed on the tees. The tees are now available for order online via: Altamont Apparel.